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MS Access Edit MDB Files Without Access Installed Software Create and edit MS Access MDB files without having Access installed.
Size: 2.82MB
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Create edit manage edit MDB create MDB file  
MS Access Copy Tables to Another Access Database Software Easiy copy tables using this simple to use application.
Size: 409.1 KB
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copy access table copier copier move table  
Access 7.0 and Access Developer's Toolkit 7.0 Document: Features Checklist View a two-page checklist of features in MS Access and MS Access Developer's Toolkit.
Size: 23.87K
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view key MS Checklist Developer Toolkit to-do checklist  
A Notepad A text editor with syntax highlighting capabilities.
Size: 1.12MB
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editor edit code code editor text editor syntax highlight  
My Notepad Get an all-tabbed, free floating type of a notepad
Size: 51 KB
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editor edit text editor Edit Text notepad  
W-Notepad A simple, good looking text editor for everyday use.
Size: 639 KB
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editor text text editor Edit Text notepad  

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asSYStant mini asSYStant mini is a small freeware!
Size: 324 KB
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calculator access notepad application launcher  
Quick Note Pro Provides the fastest access possible from anywhere in Windows to Notepad by adding right click access to the Start Button,...
Size: Evaluation
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access button access notepad add right click to Notepad  
Bifocal Notepad Bifocal Notepad is a simplified Notepad replacement intended for use by the visually impaired
Size: 79 KB
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editor text replacement text editor notepad  
LightExplorer Access your drives from Notepad++
Size: 83 KB
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plugin explore explorer Notepad++ plugin access notepad  
FTP_synchronize Access your FTP from Notepad++
Size: 163 KB
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plugin synchronizer synchronize Notepad++ plugin  
EmEditor Launcher A small application that can be used to replace the original notepad.exe so everytime you start your Text Editor by typing notepad EmEditor will start instead of the orginal notepad.exe.
Size: 24 KB
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notepad notepad replacer Notepad++ plugin Notepad++ toolbar  

access notepad in description

Quick Note Quick Note is an application that allows you to add right click access to Notepad. Now you can have fast access to Notepad for jotting down notes or copy and paste functions from anywhere within Windo...
Size: 865 KB
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note access notepad take note firefox click Write Note  
Notepad++ ColorBox Notepad++ ColorBox is a lightweight plugin for Notepad++ designed to provide you with access to the standard color box. You can use it to easily insert color codes into your text, as well as convert R...
Size: 28 KB
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Insert color Notepad++ plugin Notepad++  
NppLauncher NppLauncher is a simple application that provides you with an alternative for launching notepad++ and permanently replacing notepad.exe with Notepad++. Double-clicking on the launcher will run Notepad...
Size: 96 KB
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notepad Launcher launch replace notepad Launch Notepad  
Enhanced Notepad Enhanced notepad is a small application that can replace the standard Notepad. It seems to me that nobody likes the boring look of standard Windows notepad. Because of this, Enhanced Notepad is a plea...
Size: 30 KB
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notepad notepad replacer Notepad++ plugin Notepad++ toolbar  
Notepad++ Python Script Here is the official description for Notepad++ Python Script: Edit By A Python Scripting plugin for Notepad++ Complete easy script access to all of the editor's features (including absolutely everythi...
Size: 2.75MB
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NotePad Replacement aplikasi untuk edit nokia asha 301  
Notepad Prank Notepad Prank is a simple, small, easy to use tool specially designed to offer you a prank to play on friends or something just to annoy them. It opens up notepad without the cmd visable. After each t...
Size: 18 KB
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play open prank extension prank tool prank death prank